Eerste review iPhone 3G S komt online

De Apple iPhone 3G S is een grote hype geworden sinds zijn lancering op Apple’s WWDC, zoals te verwachten was. Een eerste review van het toestel is nu geplaatst door Engadget en de conclusie van deze review is redelijk voorspelbaar.

Apple iPhone 3GS in handen

Sinds Apple’s WWDC horen we elke dag wel weer iets nieuws over de nieuwe iPhone 3G S. Vandaag kwam de nieuwe software van het toestel naar de iPhone 3G, vrijdag is de launch in de eerste landen en op 26 juni krijgen we het toestel in Nederland. In tussen zijn er internationaal al een aantal sites bezig geweest met het toestel en daarvan zijn nu de eerste vruchten te zien. Hoewel wij nog hoopvol wachten op een review sample van de iPhone 3G S, heeft Engadget er al eentje weten te bemachtigen en vandaag hebben ze hun review online geplaatst. De review is eigenlijk weinig verrassend en spreekt vooral over het minieme verschil met de iPhone 3G. Volgens Engadget is de 3G S een prima toestel en zeker de meerprijs waard voor mensen die nog geen iPhone of een eerste generatie iPhone hebben. Gebruikers die al een iPhone 3G hebben kunnen echter net zo goed een jaar wachten volgens de site, want de updates zijn te klein om zoveel geld uit te trekken. Hieronder kun je de conclusie van Engadget lezen, een review van ons volgt zo snel mogelijk.

    There are probably two very large groups of people thinking about buying an iPhone right now. One set is current users, either those with the 3G, or those still using the original model. The other set is a group of new users — people who’ve never owned an iPhone and are now faced with not one, but two different options when it comes to getting in the door. For both groups, there are huge questions to answer about whether or not getting the 3G S makes sense, and very few of them have to do with the quality of the phone.

    For current users, we have this to say: the iPhone 3G S is a solid spec bump to a phone you already own… but it is, at its core, a phone you already own. Your real deciding factors will be two-fold, first, are you able to purchase the 3G S at a price which is reasonable or sensible to you? For a lot of current users — particularly more recent customers — the pricing will be exorbitant, and it’s hard to think of dropping $399 or $499 when you’ve just shelled out for a very, very similar phone (remember, you’re paying for a speed bump, a compass, and video recording). On the other hand, if you’re within contract renewal range and you don’t plan on jumping platforms anytime soon, $199 nabs you an unquestionably excellent smartphone.

    That conclusion speaks to new users who are undecided about the iPhone (or exactly which iPhone to buy). At this stage, we wouldn’t recommend anything but the 3G S for newcomers planning on getting into Apple’s game. For another $100, you’re nabbing a much more robust device with a handful of great additions. It’s a small price to pay for something you plan to keep long term — or until Apple pops the next iteration on us. The other big questions here aren’t about the 3G or 3G S — they’re about Apple’s platform and AT&T’s network. While the smartphone market has cracked wide open lately, the iPhone is arguably the market leader (at least in mindshare), and really does showcase a superb platform — lack of physical keyboard and multitasking aside. AT&T, on the other hand, isn’t exactly acting like the top-tier carrier it’s supposed to be, and its service can sometimes be maddeningly poor.

    So while it’s tough to argue with the package Apple has put together (a stellar device with just enough new to make it nearly perfect), we couldn’t help feeling a bit let down by the 3G S. Maybe we’ve been spoiled by devices like the Pre and Ion (and it’s possible we’re a little numb to OS 3.0 since we’ve played with the beta for a while now), but the additions of video recording, a compass, and a speed bump just don’t seem that compelling to us. The mix of new features and a ever-growing App Store will still be potent to new buyers — but pricing schemes which amount to hundreds more for current owners might give previous early adopters and eager upgraders reason for pause. Ultimately we’re not saying it’s time to jump ship, but we’ve come to expect a bit more pedal to the floor from Apple — you’ve raised the bar guys, now it’s time to jump over it.


Bron: Engadget

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