Motorola Aura krijgt eerste review

De Motorola Aura heeft haar eerste review gekregen. De review komt van de site Mobile-Review en is overwegend positief.

Motorola kondigde haar Aura in oktober dit jaar aan en het toestel is net in de Amerikaanse winkels beland. Wij moeten als Nederlanders nog even wachten voordat we het toestel uit kunnen proberen, maar om dit wachten wat draaglijker te maken, heeft Mobile-Review een review van het toestel geplaatst. De site is overwegend positief over het toestel en noemt het een exclusief toestel dat richting de Vertu’s gaat. Meer een sieraad dan een telefoon, dus. Hieronder is de conclusie van de site te lezen, voor iedereen die overweegt tweeduizend euro aan een mode telefoon te spenderen.

“It goes without saying that the MOTOAURA is one unique phone – you can either love it or hate it, there is no room for some third option. It’s a fashion-conscious phone that, I believe, will appeal to its target audience. It is way slicker than the Samsung S9500 Eccelso that feels somewhat edgy and cumbersome, plus packs in two SIM card slots, which isn’t a major selling point by any stretch of imagination. Furthermore, the MOTOAURA’s fashion cred is higher than that of all current iterations of the Nokia Arte. And even though the next 8000-branded handset will sport a revamped design, it’s still quite far-off. Again, as far as its price point is concerned, the MOTOAURA is quite an adequate solution, and very quaint at that.

It’s next to impossible to treat the Motorola AURA as a phone – at the end of the day, it’s so much more of a fashionable accessory. Once you start seeing it in this light, the awkwardly positioned OK button and lack of 3G connectivity will take a back seat to the phone’s tremendous value as a thing that can emphasize its owner’s social status and wealth. In this sense it’s very similar to Vertu-branded phones that can make and receive calls, but other than that their feature set is very limited.

Personally, I liked the AURA, especially because I even managed to use it as my primary phone without much hassle. The thing is, it doesn’t boast any fancy and overelaborate ergonomics. On the contrary, it’s a very conventionally designed device that makes a great top-of-the-line accessory. If you are after something off-the-wall and expensive – the Motorola AURA is definitely worth your attention. “

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